How-To: Protect Your Service NSW Account by Turning on 2-Step Authentication

Step 1

Head to your Service NSW account

Visit and click on the link to the account portal, above the search box.

Screenshot for Service NSW website

Step 2

Log in

In the MyServiceNSW Account portal, click the button to log in.

Step 3

Enter your details

Type in your email and password then click ‘continue’ to open your Service NSW account.

Screenshot from Service NSW Website

Step 4

Turn on 2-step authentication

Click the link to add an extra step when you log in to your account in future.

Step 5

Turn on 2-step authentication

Click the button to receive a confirmation code by SMS each time you log in. Update your mobile number if you need to.

Service NSW Screenshot

Watch Service NSW’s video guide.

What next?

Next time you head to the Service NSW website to log in, you’ll enter your email and password as usual. But a code will also be sent to your mobile. Your account will only open once you type in your code.

Including an extra step at log-in adds another layer of protection to your important accounts and makes them harder to access, even if hackers have stolen your password.

Read more about 2-step authentication, also called 2FA, multi-factor authentication or MFA, in our introduction to this way to stay safe online.