Connecting Our Seniors

Fancy a cooking class or comedy show? Council’s 2023 Senior Festival has it all!

Kicking off on Wednesday, February 1, the largest celebration for seniors in the southern hemisphere is now right around the corner, with an abundance of events happening right here in Penrith.

NSW Seniors Festival is an annual event which will see over 50s from all over the state trying new things and meeting new people across hundreds of free and discounted events.

Though there’s no shortage of major events, such as an Expo and Premier’s Gala Concert at the ICC, and a Comedy Show at Sydney Town Hall, local seniors will be spoiled for choice right here in Penrith.

This year, Penrith Council has jumped on board, with a number of exciting events across the LGA aimed at bringing people back together, said Penrith Mayor Tricia Hitchen.

“This year’s theme of Connect Together is a reflection of how difficult the last couple of years have been with lockdowns and the separation that many have endured,” she said.

“It’s important that we make a point of connecting with each other, to check on each other to see how we are doing, and be that helping hand or someone to talk to.”

Council events include a cooking class at Ripples St Marys, a comedy gala at The Joan, and a ‘Fun with iPads’ class at Penrith Library, run by Digital Literacy Foundation.

“Digital Literacy Foundation events are a great place to meet people, socialise, learn new skills, and share knowledge,” said Executive Chair, Dr Anne Wiggins.

“They provide a respite from life’s responsibilities and enable people to feel part of their communities. Most of all, they’re fun!”

Local businesses are also getting on board, with Helen Clear from Penrith Yoga Studio leading gentle and beginners yoga courses especially for the festival.

According to Clear, lynegar yoga is perfect for seniors, with smaller class sizes allowing for extra time to work out supports and alterations for participants.

“As we age, it is important to keep joints mobile, and to maintain and improve balance. Yoga also offers an opportunity for self-acceptance and to come to terms with the ageing process,” she said.

“Lyengar yoga is accessible to all body types and ages. With the use of props to support the body where needed, we can keep our bodies moving in a safe, supportive environment.”

The courses are to be held over five weeks on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. “For the seniors festival we chose to offer our two 10am classes because it’s such a lovely time to practice yoga,” Clear said.

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Article Ref: Cassidy Pearce, Western Weekender, January 27, 2023