How-To: Service NSW Dine & Discover Vouchers

Step 1

Log Into Your Service NSW App

To access the Dine & Discover Vouchers you need to log in to your Service NSW App. Do this by selecting "Vouchers" in your app. If you need any help accessing this app, view our handy how-to .

Step 2

Get Started

The Dine & Discover Vouchers are 2x $25 vouchers for dining and 2x $25 vouchers for discovery. If you are eligible you can receive all 4 vouchers here. Click "Get Started" to check eligibility and apply. Note: you need to be 18+, a NSW resident and in an eligible LGA.

Step 3

Check Your Address

In this section you can check your eligibility by typing your address in the "Address Search" field. Once you start typing address selections will appear below. If your area is covered, select your address.

Step 4

Identity Check

You will need to provide two identify documents (these may already be saved on your App). In receiving my vouchers I needed to confirm my license and Medicare details. My license was saved on the app but I had to type in my Medicare details.

What's Next?

Once you’ve completed all of the above steps and submitted your details you will receive a confirmation email from Service NSW. Before submitting your details ensure that your email address is correct. 

If your vouchers are approved you will then receive these in a separate email (this may not happen immediately). Vouchers will also be available on the Service NSW App. To find your vouchers, once approved, log in to your Service NSW App and click “Vouchers”. In place of the “Get Started” screen you will see your 4 $25 vouchers. 

Service NSW provides a list of businesses included for Dine & Discover. Find participating businesses here.

Need any help? Call us on 1300 163 106 or ask your Tech Mate.