Tech Mate Spotlight | Introducing Wendy

Meet Wendy, a librarian and our superstar Tech Mate whose unique talents and compassionate spirit have added a special touch to teaching valuable tech skills to our Learners.

Why did you join Digital Literacy Foundation as a volunteer digital mentor or Tech Mate?

Digital literacy empowers social inclusion, closes systematic societal gaps and promotes improved mental health. Digital Literacy Foundation’s work in this area is a boon for the disenfranchised & marginalised. To be able to volunteer with them and share any knowledge I’ve gained as a librarian is so rewarding for me. I am extremely happy to support DLF’s efforts with the disadvantaged in our community.

How do you approach face-to-face digital mentoring sessions with Learners?

I start with some information about me for context and then some basic expectations about the sessions. Then, together we establish a frame work to build on; what do you know and what do you want to know? Does anything worry you and what are you struggling with? We are a team and we learn together.

What do people want to learn?

Mostly how to feel safe with their device and online, but really every enquiry boils down to ‘how or where to start’. Once we get started, everything gets easier for the next hurdle.

What is your biggest highlight as a Tech Mate?

Having a mentee say, “Yes, please can we meet again” is the best feeling in the world because it means they are finding value in the time we spend together, and that’s really the aim, isn’t it.

To volunteer with us as a Tech Mate, you don’t need to be a tech wizard. You only need to have basic skills that you’d like to share. Find out more about becoming a Digital Literacy Foundation Tech Mate here.