The Digital Literacy Foundation wants to continually improve the service we provide. If you have any concerns or problems with our service we would like you to let us know. Telling us about your concerns will help us improve our service. You or a friend, family member or advocate can contact us about your issue. An advocate is someone who can speak on your behalf.

Our Commitment

Any concerns you raise will be dealt with quickly and fairly.

  • We will ask you how you would like us to solve this problem for you
  • We will ask you how you would like to be involved
  • We will try to have your problem or concern fixed within two weeks
  • We will keep you informed of our progress in fixing your problem
  • Your concern or complaint will be dealt with confidentially
  • We will let you know the outcome of your complaint

Write To Us

Please contact us using the provided form so we can quickly resolve your problem

Feedback and concerns directed to:

Anne Wiggins, Executive Chair