Over a Million Phones at Risk as Australia’s 3G Shutdown Continues

ABC News reports that Australia faces a potential crisis as the 3G network shutdown approaches, with over a million mobile phones, including some 4G-enabled devices, at risk of losing access to emergency services.<1> 

The plan to switch off the 20-year-old 3G network was announced in 2019 to allow mobile carriers to boost capacity and data speeds for 4G and 5G technologies. Telstra and Optus are set to shut down their 3G networks by June and September respectively, prompting concerns, particularly in regional areas heavily reliant on 3G coverage. The transition poses risks not only to mobile phones but also to various devices such as medical alarms, security cameras, and farming equipment.

To find out if your device will be affected, please contact your mobile service provider on guidance regarding your specific device’s compatibility.